Calgary, AB, Canada

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Alberta Adventure Tour 
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of each tour?

Each tour is capped at 10 riders.  

Can I come alone?

Yes, however there is an additional $800 (Can) charge for single occupancy rooms.

Is this a race format?

Not in the least.  We generally like to maintain a steady easy pace on the climbs. Climbs are for conversation and sightseeing. On the descents the usual format is one guide leads and another goes at the back.  The customers then decide how fast they want to go based on the trail. 

What is your cancellation policy?

The Alberta 66 MTB cancellation policy is as follows:

  • 90 days before the first day of the session or tour you will receive a 100% refund minus any financial institution fees.

  • 89 to 30 days before the first day of the session or tour you will receive a 50% refund minus any financial institution fees.

  • Within 29 days of the first day of the session or tour we do not offer any refunds.

  • If you have any concerns with the cancellation policy we recommend that you seek out third-party travel insurance to make sure you are not at risk.

What kind of bike do I need?

While any quality bicycle in good working order would work, for maximum enjoyment we recommend full suspension trail bikes with 140mm or more of travel.  

Are rentals bikes available?

There are many places to rent bikes in Calgary, including our Rental Partners Nomad Gear Rentals who will deliver directly to your lodging.  However, there are currently no places locally that rent "high-end" bikes.  We recommend to most of our customers that they bring their own bike to ensure they get the most out of the trails.

How big are the days?

On average you can expect to be out on trails for around 4-6 hours per day.  That includes many food and photo stops.  Most days will have options to stop early or do some extra riding after dinner.

What safety equipment it required?

Riders must wear helmets.  Eye and hand protection are strongly recommended.  Beyond that it is personal preference.  As guides we tend to always put on knee protection for the downhills, and will add elbow armor and full-face helmets for gnarly trails.  Each morning meeting will include a description of the trails so that customers can decide.

What if it is raining?

While we tend to have fairly dry summers rain is a possibility.  For the most part we will ride rain or shine, but if there is a likelihood of damage to the trails we will select another less vulnerable route. If there is extreme weather we will propose some alternative activity.

Can I take a day off?

Yes, If you are feeling fatigued or injured. Or have just had enough riding for a bit then you are welcome to remain at the lodge.

Are non-cyclist partners welcome?

Yes... however, there is not much to do at the lodge during the day. The individual would be responsible for filling their days.  It would not be an ideal situation unless that person is excited about spending quiet days at the lodge, or acquires a rental vehicle to get to Bragg Creek and Calgary.

What if I have a mechanical issue with my bike?

It is recommended that all participants carry with them a bike repair kit and a few spares such as tubes, shifter cables, cleat bolts and patch kits.  The guides will also be carrying these items as well as tire/shock pumps and other small parts. Back at the lodge there will be access to a repair stand and tools. If needed there are several bike shops within 30 minutes drive. 

Are E-Bikes allowed?

At this time e-bikes (pedal assist type) are permitted on all the trails that we intend to ride on our tours, however this status may change in the future.  If our guests wish to use e-bikes they are welcome to, however they should still be longer travel trail bikes.

Why PayPal?

Using PayPal for our invoicing and payment system affords both parties some additional protection from fraud, as well as providing basic transaction security.  If you do not have a PayPal account PayPal still allows you to pay securely using your credit card.