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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you hold your course sessions?
    Generally speaking we hold as many of our sessions at Moose Mountain as possible. There is a considerable variety of terrain for most levels, as well we are heavily involved in the Moose Mountain Trail Society (MMBTS) and like to share the wonders of this riding area with as many people as possible. If you are considering one of our courses but are wondering about travel time, search "Station Flats Kananaskis" in Google maps and get directions from where you would be traveling from. We don't always meet in this parking lot, but it is a good average distance. Most of our weekday evening sessions meet at 6:30PM.
  • Can children sign up for the adult courses?
    We have found that adults and children have different styles of learning when it comes to mountain biking, in general terms adults need more encouragment, and children need to be directed to assess risks more. Because of this we try to keep our adult and youth content seperate. This is not a hard rule however, if you have a child that you feel would be a good fit for one of our adult courses please feel free to contact us to discuss.
  • Do you rent bikes?
    At this time we do not rent bikes. Please see our listing of nearby bike rental options.
  • Are E-bikes permitted?
    At this time E-bikes (Class 1 pedal assist only) are permitted on all the trails in the Moose Mountain (MMBTS), West Bragg Creek (BCTA) trail systems as well as other official multi use trails that mountain bikes are permitted to use within the Kananaskis Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ). E-bikes are permitted for use in all our regular courses and sessions as long as they are suitable for mountain use (no city bikes or hybrids). If you are booking a coaching or guiding session and intend to use an E-bike please let us know so that we can plan the session accordingly.
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