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Quirk Creek / Wildhorse Trail


Distance -

Elevation gain -

Sugg. min. skill level -

Sugg. min. fitness level -

Estimated time -






Cost:  $

250 (1-5 riders)

Leaving Cobble Flats day use area you cross the Elbow River, the river crossing is best done later in the summer when the water level is lower, but still can be tricky. The water is cold and can have some current. Once crossed you pickup the double track heading North East, this section is mostly flat but soon turns to the East and starts to climb, gently rolling terrain on gravel road. Meadows on the west facing slopes sometimes offer a chance to see some of the local wild horses. As you approach the 2/3rds mark you turn onto some of the older trail, taking you through an area of recently harvested forest and more meadows, with you finally reaching the edge of Volcano Creek Canyon. A deep canyon cut into the landscape exposing the darker older volcanic rock. Meadows lead right to the edge and it’s a great place to stop for a rest. Doubling back on Quirk Creek Trail for a short distance you see the start of Wildhorse Trail,  heading West you ride through more of the cultivated forest area before entering the original forest. This part of the trails is again an older section with some climbing, mixture of single and double track, until you get to the final downhill that takes you back down to the Elbow river, crossing again back to the starting area. Considered an older classic it’s well worth the ride to see the canyon.

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