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Spend the day with Alberta 66 shuttling the Moose Mountain Trails! Be driven uphill in our certified and inspected commercial van, then descend the trails with our knowledgeable guides/coaches. The guide follows the group allowing everyone to go at their own speed, we gather at the end for the next lap. Descending tips are available, but the day is focused on discovering the trails, seeing the types of terrain, and technical features (there are ride-around options for all features).


No expectation to ride everything or go off big jumps.  Any intermediate rider can navigate the terrain by selecting the correct route, adjusting speed and walking where appropriate. We start the day on the easier trails and work our way up in difficulty. If you are not interested in riding the next trail the group is going to ride, then you can choose to go down any other trail that lets out on the same side as the group is riding. Participants can also choose to sit out certain descents depending on energy levels. 

Alternately, if you want to send it and shred top to bottom runs all day, that works as well!


Required Equipment:
- A bike in good working order. All Mountain, Enduro or Downhill recommended. There is some pedaling to do each lap to return to the parking lots.
- Safety Equipment; helmet, gloves, knee-pads, eye protection (additional equipment welcome but not required)
- Pack a lunch and refreshments as required for the day, ~10 am to 4 pm

Space in the van is limited, so visit our bookings page to sign up you and your friends!

A portion of your fee goes directly back to the Moose Mountain Bike Trails Society who build and maintain the trails.

Questions? Send us a note!

Gallery of Moose Shuttle Days

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Calgary, AB, Canada

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