Group Rides

It's Friday, we should go ride bikes!

Some of us are fortunate to have some flexibility in our work schedules on Fridays through the summer months.  Lets get together and hit up some of the trails that don't get as much love these days. These are meant to be fun social rides, that happen to include the benefit of a guide with first aid training.

Cost $20

We will follow a no-drop non-hammer-fest format.  Each ride will have it's own logistics, and skill and fitness ratings.  We will send out an information email to people that have registered a couple of days before. 

For those interested there should be an opportunity to car-pool from Calgary in the van.

2019 Ride listings (Subject to changes and additions):

June 14 - TDB

I am thinking of Powderface Ridge, but there might be too much snow in the East aspect trees. 


June 28 - Jumping Pound / Cox Hill 

Not really a forgotten trail, but some folks have never made it out to this incredible trail.  We never get tired of it!

July 12 - Baldy Pass

There should be fewer hikers on a Friday morning.  An opportunity to enjoy that old-school downhill.

August 9 - Summit of Moose

A loop from Station Flats, climb options of the quiet Friday morning road or Pneuma (I prefer a combination) then get up high for the views.

August 23 - Prairie Mountain Summit

It's not just for trail runners! If you don't like to push your bike this isn't for you, but the rewards are many for those willing.


Calgary, AB, Canada

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