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Bike Setup Session

What is it?

If you have a new (or new to you) Mountain Bike and are not quite sure if it is set up correctly for you and your riding style, these are 1 hour sessions designed to ensure you are set up for success.

Our customers suggested we offer this service as we often spend the first part of private coaching sessions doing just this.   

What do we do?

  • Discuss your current riding level, style and preferred terrain.

  • Inspect bike for assembly and construction issues.

  • Cockpit setup - Bar roll, lever angle, reach to levers, stack height, bar width, all customized to your body.

  • Seat angle, height and position

  • Tire pressures

  • Basic suspension setup - Sag, rebound and compression damping to factory recommended.  Then slight adjustments to stated riding style.

  • Talk you though everything that we are doing to make you feel more knowledgeable about your bike and what the various parts and their positions effect your riding experience.

What don't we do?

  • Bike fitting; in the world of road biking when the rider is in a fully fixed position for hours on end there is belived to be very specific requirements in terms of body position.  We believe this to be less important with mountain bikes.  As long as you are comfortable and not putting undue stress on any part of your body there is going to be a range of potential bike setups depending on preference and the geometry of the bike.

  • Suspension Tuning; a lifetime can be spent fine tuning todays highly adjustable suspension systems.  We will set up sag to your bodyweight, and bring the Rebound and Compression adjustments to an appropriate baseline level.  Which you can then choose to tweak as you get riding time.

  • Major repairs; we can tighten bolts and realign rotors and that sort of thing, but any repairs that are required will be noted to the customer for them to undertake elsewhere.

  • We wont make you feel ignorant!  Bikes are complex these days, the tech that goes into them can be confusing and intimidating.  

  • We will endeavor to not impose our biases upon you when it comes to setup.  There are many aspects of Mountain bike setup that are opinion based (Brake lever position, tire pressure, etc.) For any of these parts we will discuss your options, we can provide our opinions and explain the thought process behind them, as well as the counter positions.  We don't want you to feel unprepared if an old riding buddy immediately gives you advice that contradicts ours.



Cost per session is $50 +GST for a 1 hour session with Jeff Woodgate

Bookings can be made through our online booking tool or by emailing us.  If you have difficulty finding a slot on the online booking tool please don't hesitate to email us as we are often able to fit these sessions between other bookings.

Session location options:

  • Our shop/garage conveniently located on the way to the trails just south of Bragg Creek.  This way we have easy access to all our tools and compressors ext.

  • Mobile, we can meet you at any of the parking areas in the Moose Mountain/Bragg Creek area.

  • If you are booking during the "off season" we can arrange for house calls.

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