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Skill & Fitness Levels

Fitness Levels

Level 1

- You pretty much take it easy in your day to day life.

- Physically active one or two hours a week.

- No significant mobility issues.

- Able to ride a bike for one hour at a time on pathways.

- Consecutive ride days would be a challenge.

Level 2

- Physically active up to 3 hours per week.

- Able to tackle some hills on your bike rides.

- Wouldn't mind a 2 hour bike ride at a moderate pace (with breaks)

- Might even consider going again the next day.

Level 3

- Over 3 hours of exercise per week.

- Comfortable climbing hills on a trail.

- Moderate pace over 2-4 hours of riding (with snack and chit-chat breaks) sounds good to you.

- Can ride multiple times per week.

Level 4

- High level of fitness

- Can maintain a steady pace on climbs for extended periods, with minimal breaks.

- Capable of riding at a moderate to strenuous pace multiple times per week.

- Can carry your bike.

Level 5

- High levels of cardio and strength.

- Comfortable with pushing the pace over longer periods of time.

- Capable of long hike-a-bike accesses.

- Can ride every day all day.

Skill Levels

Level 1 

- Comfortable riding on pathways.

- Limited experience with dirt and trails.

Level 2

- Comfortable on wide dirt and not-steep trails (green level mountain bike trails)

- Have ridden a mountain bike before.

Level 3

- Can ride blue level singletrack trail.

- Comfortable with some rooty or rocky terrain, rolling over small obstacles with both wheels on the ground.

- Can climb and descend under control on moderately steep sections of trail.

Level 4

- Confident on blue trails, can tackle most black trails.

- Can assess and ride terrain on the go, (rocky, rooty, loose).

- Capable of getting over larger obstacles using dynamic movements such as front wheel lifts.

Level 5

- Confident on black trails (steep, loose, technical terrain).

- Ready and willing to get your wheels off the ground (drops, jumps).

- Comfortable with a variety of corner types at higher speeds.

This information is intended as a guideline only. If you have any questions about your suitability for a particular session or excursion please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.

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