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Mellow MTB Club

What is it?

Weekly group mountain bike rides aimed at multiple skill levels and a single mindset of a social, no-drop, no-stress, mutually encouraging environment

We are building this with older adults in mind, but it isn't about age, it is about an attitude of inclusiveness and appreciation for spending time in nature with like minded people.

No emphasis on instruction or skill development, though the rides will be lead by a certified coach who is happy to provide tips.

How does it work?

Ride details will be sent out by email.

Routes will vary in length and difficulty but the approach will always be to give participants the time they require to complete the route comfortably. 

Those that are faster will have time to converse while they wait, those that are slower will not feel any pressure (other than self imposed) to push themselves.  Each time the group reconvenes on the trail there will be the opportunity for recovery.  


A single fee is paid of $140 for the season.

You then attend as many of the 18 scheduled rides as you like.  

When and where?

The rides are scheduled for Thursday mornings from May to September.  Rides start at 10AM and will average 2 hrs, but may vary depending on route.

Rides will primarily be based in the Bragg Creek area, this will include routes within the West Bragg Creek, Moose Mountain and other nearby trail systems.

Why should you sign up?

  • You get to put 18 rides into your calendar and build regular riding into your routine.

  • Meet like minded riders.

  • Learn great trails and routes.

  • Fun and exercise.

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