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Youth Services

Youth Coaching/Guiding

We have several staff members with extensive experience instructing children.  

They are able to work with kids of all ages and all skill levels, from learning to use brakes effectively to race preparation.

Coaches can be booked in 2hr or 3.5hr increments (link to pricing information) and one coach is allowed to work with up to six children.

So set up a session for your little rippers today!  It can be instruction, or just supervision while they ride the trails.

Shuttle services can be added, or families can shuttle the group themselves.

Build Your Own Summer Camp

How it works

1. Put together a group of 2 to 6 kids who are close in mountain bike ability 

2. Contact us with your preferred dates - Weekdays through the summer, consecutive days, or spread out. 

3. Let us know how many days you want - single day, full week or anything in between.

4. Decide between; full day (9am to 4pm) or half days (9am to 12pm, or 1pm to 4pm).

5. Pricing is flat rate per coach, and one coach can handle a maximum of 6 kids. Pricing details here.

6. Transportation with our certified commercial van and trailer can be added to Instruction sessions. Either for shuttle transport during the lesson and /or transport to and from your home.  

7. Discuss with us what type of Mountain Biking camp your group would enjoy, Cross Country, Downhill or a mix of the two. Instruction and activities will take place primarily at Moose Mountain or West Bragg Creek trail systems depending on the type riding the group is going to be doing.

8. We will then pair you with an instructor and build a fun filled Mountain Bike experience for your group of kids. If you or your kids have a preferred coach this can be accommodated subject to availability.

Build Your Own Summer Camp
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