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Race & Adventure Team

A club setting for ride improvement

This is a weekly group ride, targeted towards advanced adult mountain bikers of any gender who want to improve their skills through instruction and riding with benchmark riders.

The rides will alternate between an instruction session/lap one week, and an adventure ride the next week.

Our coaches will take turns picking the focus skill and leading the instruction on the learning weeks.

We are building this club because we want to get out for more rides ourselves, we want to build what we feel is the perfect riding scenario and have it scheduled!


  • 17 scheduled sessions from May to September.

  • Thursday evenings starting at 6:30 PM (end times will vary).

  • Weeks that take place at Moose Mountain may include an instruction element.

  • Adventure Ride weeks will meet in various locations.

  • No obligation to attend every session.

  • Male and Female coaches will be leading as well as participating.

  • Club membership will be limited to 30 people for 2024 (plus our coaches)


Skill level - Strong 4 and up.

Fitness Level - 4 and up.

See our Skill and Fitness Ratings page here.


Cost is $220+ GST for the 2024 Season, 

This includes 17 ride nights, some of which will include a skill session lead by one of our certified coaches.

Optional Race & Adventure Team Jersey Cost TBD

Is this the right club for you?

It is if:

- You like big rides, it's all worth it if there is an incredible downhill section.

- You're curious about enduro mountain bike racing, or are an experienced racer looking to practice and improve.

- You would like to learn to charge into sections blind, having the confidence that you will be able to handle whatever is over the crest.

- You like a social ride, with no pressure to perform beyond what you feel is appropriate for you.

- You are excited about meeting great new people who you can call teammates!


It might not be if:

- You are looking for traditional lessons and a concentrated learning experience. For that take a look at our Multi Week Series, or engage our coaches for private/semi-private sessions.

How to register.

The club was started in 2022 with a target membership of 30 riders.  Each season the existing members are given first right of refusal to sign up again.  This means that there are only a few available spots each spring.  If you are interested please reach out via email with your name, stated interest, and a little bio on your riding.  We will then place you on the waiting list.

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