Shuttle Services

Alberta 66 MTB offers two shuttle services at Moose Mountain.

- Private bookings of our 14 or 11 passenger vans

- Shuttle Days 

Should you book a guide?

Private Bookings

Exclusive access of a van and driver.

Why would you book shuttle services for Moose Mountain?

- Your entire group rides, no one has to take a driving turn.

- Our vehicles take the abuse from variable road conditions.

- Appropriately licensed, insured, inspected commercial vehicle and experienced sober drivers.

- More laps! no faffing about who drives what, just load and go.

- It's a bargain compared to a resort trip. lift tickets at resorts are over $60/day. Per person cost in our vans is below that. If you calculate value on a per-run basis the difference is even larger as there is no waiting in line.

- What does a round of golf cost for 4 people?  Pretty variable we know, but it's always going to be more than the cost of a day of shuttling transport.

Who books shuttle services?

- Regular riding crews, more laps, less hassle

- Special events, Birthday Parties, pre-nuptials events

- Race team sessions

- Corporate events (customer or team)

- Family shred day

- Visitors to the area

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Booking procedure:

  1. Contact us with your desired date, van size, session duration and start time.

  2. We confirm availability of van and driver, and send you an invoice via PayPal (payable without PayPal account)

  3. You pay 10% deposit at upon receipt of invoice to hold the date.

  4. Balance is due 7 days before the date of the event.

10% discount when booking multiple sessions.

Should You Hire a Guide For Your Shuttle Session?

If your group includes any of the following:

- A variety of rider abilities

- Unfamiliar with the Moose Mountain Trail System

- No one with bike repair experience

- No one with first aid training

Then please consider hiring a Guide for your session.  A guide will occupy one of the seats in the van, but they can either lead if the group needs to know where to go. Or they can tail-guide (follow the group) if there are riders who are not as strong and the fast people want to go fast.


Shuttle Days

No better way to experience Moose Mountain

Elements of a Shuttle Day

Our Shuttle Days are our most popular service.

How it works:

- Browse our Online Booking page for a Shuttle Day date and level that work for you.  

- Book your seat in the van for the Shuttle Day of your choice. 

- Meet on the morning you chose and we ride lots of laps!

There is a guide with the group who curates the trail selection and follows the group to provide first aid and mechanical support. Having a guide following allows everyone to ride as fast or as slow as they like.  If you usually stop multiple times to wait for your riding partners this can provide an opportunity to try top-to-bottom runs.

You can choose to ride with the group, or any other trail that ends up at the same parking area. 

Participants can sit-out laps, end their day earlier, even join the group later as long as you let us know.


New for the 2021 season we will be running two different levels of Shuttle Days. 

We aren't quite sure what to call them yet, so for now we are going with Black and Blue. Both levels with have the same goal of getting our customers lots of Moose Mountain shuttle laps, but with some slight differences.


You can expect Black shuttle days to ramp up to the more difficult terrain quickly.  Probably a single warm-up lap then into the rowdy stuff. Not very many repeated trails.


More time spent on the flow trails and less technical terrain.  May still include black rated trails if the group is up to it. Will definitely include multiple laps of favorite trails.

Required Equipment:

- A mountain bike in good working order. All Mountain, Enduro or Downhill recommended. There is some pedaling to do each lap to return to the parking lots.
- Safety Equipment; helmet, gloves, knee-pads, eye protection (additional equipment welcome but not required)
- Pack a lunch and refreshments as required for the day, ~10 am to 5 pm

If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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