Custom Instruction

Private Coaching

Tips and drills combined with experienced observation to improve your confidence and skills on the bike. 

Are you preparing for a race and want to hone your technical prowess?

Consider setting up some private sessions to make some big improvements to your riding!

If you have friends with similar goals and schedules a small group is a great way to learn collaboratively and share the cost. 


​We accommodate groups up to 12 people, or work with you one on one.

Pricing is per-coach (i.e. 2hrs is $200 for up to 6 people).  More people = lower cost per person, fewer people = more focused attention.

June 2021 Instruction.png

Sessions can have uplifts with no added driver cost if the customers are willing to retrieve the van with their vehicle. 

For longer sessions customers may wish to book access to a shuttle vehicle and driver. Contact us to discuss adding this service.

There is a 10% discount when you book multiple custom sessions.