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Moose Mountain Trail System

Where we ride, our Greatest Resource

Moose Mountain is located in the Kananaskis Region of Alberta Canada.  Just outside the hamlet of Bragg Creek and close to the major city of Calgary. 

The trail system found on Moose Mountain is of high quality and is growing under the oversight of volunteer organizations and government agencies.  These include Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), Bragg Creek Trails Association (BCTA), and the Moose Mountain Bike Trails Association (MMBTS).

Interactive Map

Below is a map of the Moose Mountain trails system.  Feel free to click around and explore the trails.  This is powered by Trailforks, which is a handy app to have on your handheld device if you are out riding anywhere in the world.

Support The Trails

Anyone who rides or otherwise uses the trails in the greater Moose Mountain area should be aware that these trails are maintained and advocated for by the volunteer based organizations mentioned above (MMBTS, BCTA). Please support these organizations by buying a membership and if possible by donating your time for trail days.  It is only through the efforts of the community that we have these incredible trails to ride on.

Memberships can be acquired by visiting these websites:

- Moose Mountain Bike Trails Society ( MMBTS )

- Bragg Creek Trails Association ( BCTA )

Not from the area but still wish to make a donation?

- Trailforks Trail-Karma Donation Page

Thank you so much, your donations to these organizations are hugely appreciated!

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