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Ride / Tour Details

Elbow to Talus Lake Bike and Hike


Distance -

Elevation gain -

Sugg. min. skill level -

Sugg. min. fitness level -

Estimated time -

Bike 12km, Hike 10km

Bike 175M, Hike 457M




Cost:  $

400 (1-5 riders)

Bike ride follows the Little Elbow River on a double track trail.  A relatively easy ride with rolling hills and some elevation gain surrounded by mountains, views of the crystal clear river makes for a great way to get to the trail leading up into the mountains. Once at the campground we stash the bikes and begin the hike. The trail starts to climb, following the stream bed, making its way through the lush green forest, rolling hills and terrain. As you get higher up you cross a scree field and the vegetation changes to more alpine flora and there may be patches of snow. As you arrive at the first lake you walk into a beautiful meadow, a great place to relax before the final push up the scree field to the top lake. Once you arrive at the top you are treated to a beautiful view of the lower lake, meadow and creek below. The return trip follows the same path and offers many views of mountains including MT Romulus and it's snow covered peak. 

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