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Powderface Ridge


Distance -

Elevation gain -

Sugg. min. skill level -

Sugg. min. fitness level -

Estimated time -






Cost:  $

250 (1-5 riders)

The ride starts with a scenic 6km gravel ride that gains about 230M of altitude and is a perfect warm up for the singletrack.  When you get to the trail it climbs, moderate to steep sections in mixed evergreen forest before arriving at the saddle. Here you get a great view of Nihahi Ridge to the west, Glasgow and Banded to the South West and start the final climb up through the trees to the ridge. This section is a mix of moderate climbs, challenging rock gardens in the alpine meadows with stunning views to help ease your mind. At the south end of the ridge there is a turn to the east and a downhill section that will get you warmed up and excited about the final downhill. Before you get there you make your way along the backside of the ridge and climb to the south summit. At this point you are finished with the climb, rewarded with amazing views of the Elbow valley below and getting prepared for the downhill. The down is a mix of tight lines in the trees, rooty drops and rocks if you want the excitement let off the brakes and enjoy your reward.

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