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Ride / Tour Details

West Bragg (North Trails)


Distance -

Elevation gain -

Sugg. min. skill level -

Sugg. min. fitness level -

Estimated time -

Various loops 5-40km

200M and up



2hrs and up

Cost:  $

Starting at $150 (1-5 riders)

This part of the West Bragg trail system offers a great cross country riding experience, with Bragg’n Rights, and Merlin being two of the most statistically popular trails in Canada! Beyond those two there is an extensive network of trails which provide many options. So much fun to be had exploring some of the longer loops, climbing and descending in a mixture of forest and meadows, all on beautiful ribbons of purpose-built single track.  Let us know how long you want to ride for and what sort of riding you are used to and we can put together a route to ride with you (with options).

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